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Our GAS or PROPANE FUELED oven models come in two standard exterior finishes Standard Stucco or Steel Wrap. They can be used in the original finish or be built into outdoor kitchens, indoor kitchens, or a commercial application. Either finish can be incorporated into a custom design, theme or faux exterior. We sell Factory Direct without a middle man to keep our prices affordable. The following is provided for your information & review:

Our fully assembled ovens are US ETL/Intertek conforms to ANSI Z83.11b (2012) Food Service Equipment & NSF 4 Sanitation listed and certified. All ovens are built by hand to order with US parts. These ovens are fully assembled. A Stainless Steel, 12 inch Class A chimney pipe and cap, a brass cleaning brush, a pizza peel, a pizza cutter and an infrared thermometer is included with each oven.

The crating fee is added to the oven price. The oven purchase price and the crating fee are due and payable at time of order placement. We accept a personal or company check.

Shipping is handled by an independent company. The freight charges are paid directly by the customer to the independent freight company who will contact you when the oven is ready for shipment, or you may arrange your own shipping. Freight costs are determined by the oven size, weight & zip code destination. We offer the shipping contact only to our customers as a courtesy.


The following models are natural gas or propane units with approximate weight:
Marin - 31"Wx36"Dx30"H, w/stand 68"H, 33 pizza/hr. Cooking stone 26" in diameter oven opening 19"Wx9"H. BTUs 30K, Oven weight 1050 lbs.
Marin 1 - is 34"Wx41"Dx30"H, 2 stand 68"H, 36 pizza/hr. stone 28" oven opening 19.5"x8.5"H BTUs 30K, Oven weight 1200 lbs.
Marin 2 - 41"Wx47"Dx32"H. On stand 68"H, stand, stone 30", 40 pizza/hr, oven opening 19.5"Wx9"H. BTUs 55K, Oven weight 1400 lbs.
Marin 3 - 46"Wx51"Dx32"H. On stand 70"H, stone 36", 55 pizza/hr, oven opening 19.5"Wx8"H. BTUs 60K, Oven weight 1750 lbs.
Marin 4 - on stand 49"W x60"Dx70"H, stone 42", 65 pizza/hr, oven opening 21"x9", BTUs 60K, Oven weight 2200 lbs.
Marin 6 - on stand 64"Wx74"Dx73"H, stone 58", 100 pizza/hr. 24.5"Wx9"H oven opening. BTUs 75K, Oven weight 3000 lbs.